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    So, between the photos in the latest update and Rodney Smith's rave report about gameplay at CMON Expo, I couldn't be more excited for Blood Rage. I was a bit skeptical about my purchase after the shipping debacle and I still can't tell what the hell is going on in the Jogando Offline gameplay video, but I'm really excited for this now. It took a couple read throughs of the rules to figure out the game flow and strategy, but now I've got it and can't wait to get in and start drafting, pillaging and generally acting unruly in the name of glory!

    Plus, I knew coming in that CMON would produce some excellent minis, but they've really outdone themselves this time. Everything from Fenrir and the Frost Giant to the KS exclusive Wild Boar clan molds look terrific. Very happy that I supported this game!

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    Can you give me some details as to how you understand the flow and strategy? I am curious as I am uncertain myself regarding it.


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    I really like the draft mechanic, as it allows you set your strategy for the the turn with the cards to back them.
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