need help with khador studio scheme
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Thread: need help with khador studio scheme

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    Default need help with khador studio scheme

    hello, I need some help with creating the studio scheme for khador and by that I mean the red armour. I'm thinking candy apple red?

    something like this

    what paints would you suggest? /newbie

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    A true candy is a clear lacquer you put over a metallic, the transparency lets the metallic shine through. That's the definition I'm used to from custom painting cars and bikes.

    For the one you've linked to I would go to your local GW store or model shop and look through their range of paints. Games Workshop, Vallejo or Scale75 colours are all good. A basic red, a dark orange and a red ish brown wash will be enough to get you started if these are your first mini's. Then black and some sort of gun metal and silver colours should be enough to get you going.
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