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    Anyone have any thoughts on the new line of minis and game setting/rules? I have a few thoughts.

    Both the Sigmar AND Khorne minis seem over buffed. They've gone from 28mm heroic scale to 28mm Godly Scale. They just appear more like toys to me now. Certainly less realistic. The Khorne minis look much like the last line of Khorne minis from the end of times; ugly as all hell. I feel that over time, as new editions of WHFB came out, the minis looked increasingly less squat and more life-like. Well, this is simply no longer the case. While not so much squat, they definitely take on an action-figure like appearance. No thanks. I do like the Ancient Greek hero appearance of the Sigmar figures, I just wish they had more human like proportions. The main hero from the Sigmar line, the one on the mount, is pretty cool though. As a fan of all things metallic, it gives a painter a chance to showcase their NMM/TMM skills. For this reason alone I could see myself painting the Sigmar figures.

    Also it is worth mentioning that I am a display painter, but I've always closely followed the lore and rules of the game. Do I like the new rules? Yes and no. Yes, because I like that you are no longer restricted from what you bring to battle. When considering the purchase of units, I would want to spend money on a particular model, but wouldn't because they wouldn't fit into the unit requirements of the game rules (i.e., you can only have 25% character, or 25% rare units). And you can completely mix up the composition of your units, so not just a block of warriors of Chaos, now you can organize a schmorgisborg of different type models in a single unit. However, these cool things pale in comparisons to what amounts to a dumbing down of rules. Maybe I am unique in that I think complex rules mimic the complexity of warfare. I like a lot of rules that inspire realism and sound tactics. I also like a lot of distinct units, or that there are 14 or so factions to choose from. If I am not mistaken, faction isn't as important in this version. I'm not sure I like this.

    I totally understand why GW is doing what they are doing with the rules. They want to make less prohibitive. You shouldn't have to spend $1200 to play. You can now pick up a boxed set of your liking and a few paints and play. Oh yeah, the rules are now on 4 pages, rather than 600, and they are free, rather than $100. You have to like the cost reductions, no matter who you are. However, as someone that enjoys complexity and factionalism, my chances of ever playing have decreased.

    Finally, the lore. I really can't respect a world that isn't a world at all, but just planes of existence. I absolutely LOVED the Warhammer world. I loved the dark Gothic, Holy Roman appeal of the Empire, united with the French-like Knights with a Camelot-like appeal, versus the Vikings and Huns of the Chaos nation, vs your classic dwarves and United so much from so many beloved times and places. Now it is Planescape. And to rebuild the old world will just I used to buy and read all of the books. No more.

    I only hope that Mierce picks up in popularity. THOSE are excellent minis in an excellently cast world. Once they have fully fleshed out their Armies, I plan to go to every hobby shop in my area and encourage them to sell Mierce. Riot minds Trudvang seems cool too.
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    Take a look at the other "Age of Sigmar thread"
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    Jumping on the end of your post, I'm really glad to see Mierce getting more love. I'm a huge fan of Mierce and their miniatures, I know there are still those that won't have anything to do with them, but honestly you are missing out on the best fantasy miniatures in the market, and for the gamers, Darklands is going to be amazing. They are so close to releasing the game now, there is currently a new kickstarter for metal figures, so the old school / gamers out there this is YOUR chance to get in at entry level and get your selves prepared. Thanks GW for the balls up that will push Mierce as THE fantasy game.
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    Have a look at the figures for Warzone Resurrection..............Foxtrot Me Pink but the quality is excellent.
    so much so I'm tempted to get back into gaming.
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    as i said in the other thread, i'm intrigued to see where they go with new releases, presumably alot of the races commonly found in fantasy themed games/books/films etc. will see a change in style (working on the theory that this is all the result of wanting to be able to better protect their IP)

    The sigmarites look much bigger than i expected, i've only seen them in photo so far but they appear to be similar in size to a space marine terminator, maybe even a bit bigger, i like the idea of them being fallen heroes from the old world brought back to fight again but find their imagery doesn't mesh with that idea for me, the khorne guys look as you might expect them to, but maybe bigger? (the scale comparison photo i saw puts them about the size of a regular marine)

    i doubt i'll buy a significant amount of minis, but there are some stand out minis in the starter said (the heroes from both sides for example) will just have to see where they go with it in the future

    i have the feeling though of history repeating itself here, when GW cancelled the specialist games ranges it opened a door for other companies to make similar games to fill the void left by GW's abandonment, this could very well be the case for warhammer

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonsreach View Post
    Have a look at the figures for Warzone Resurrection..............Foxtrot Me Pink but the quality is excellent.
    so much so I'm tempted to get back into gaming.
    i second this, i bought some just to see how they were, i feel like i was missing something regarding the cost, they are half the price of GW for a 5 person unit made of grey resin, (think i payed 12.50 at firestorm games) and the quality was good, a few bent pieces but easily fixed
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    I cannot find the "other thread" but every single model I have seen for age of sigmar looks terrible. Some of the bits I want but GW killed their bits store years ago. Honestly I hate it. I was excited about no more movement trays but between the new "rules" if you can call them that and the TERRIBLE models, I am uninterested entirely. Pretty much buying up what I can before they stop making their older fantasy stuff.

    *edits* adding link.. <- "other thread"
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    Let me say from the start that I am only a painter; I do not play WH, 40k or any other wargame.

    I just bought the Age of Sigmar box because it's a pretty good price for 47 models. And whatever else GW may do wrong, they produce great quality minis that are fun to build and paint up. I would've liked more of a fantasy edge to the armies, but there are still some great sculpts - especially the heroes.

    With all of that metal I will at least have some minis to practice NMM on when I eventually get enough skill to try it out (I am a very new convert to the painting hobby).
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    It's a shame that GW decided to destroy the fantasy world they had created. GW's fantasy figures and game played a big role in getting me into this hobby. But I also understand that sales for fantasy were no where near 40k and, as a business, it makes sense that GW would look for ways to revamp the fantasy game to boost sales. I think there were ways to do that other than blowing up the old world and more or less starting from scratch... but that's what they decided. The new figures seem a lot like fantasy space marines. I'm not a huge fan of the new line... but there are some aspects I like. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on the new releases (I'm curious how they will redo the other factions) and maybe there will be one or two I'll pick up. But, as a whole, there are sooooooooo many other good lines of figures out there.

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    I don't think it was the world or models that made fantasy battle die. It was the massive wall of rules and the huge expense of purchasing an army. Most of the AOS stuff that they have been coming out with looks like uninspired crap. Sure the new skaven box and ents look good but they already did. Even then, AOS seems to going the route of "let's make it more epic-er!" Instead of realizing that this visuals were already great and getting better. It was the 600 pages of rules and the sheer size of the armies that made it unattractive.

    Locally the games that mix it up with respect to turn order(wrath of kings, infinity) and manageable model counts(now add malfaux and warma as well) are doing better.
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    personally not into sigmarites either but i still think they are nice miniatures, definitely high Q. But yeah, it wasnt really necessary to kill off the cool old world for this new game, was it? a shame...

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    as time rolls on and the new releases get revealed i'm becoming much less interested in it from a models side of things, sigmarites seem too samey, "this week more of the same sigmarites, now with <insert different weapon>!" i guess its the same idea as space marines, but at least they have more background lore behind them, the new chaos stuff seems a bit boring to me too, i think the deathbringer model is the only one i've liked a bit so far

    i'm still vaguely interested to see what else comes out but not as much as when AoS first hit and it seems some armies will just get repackaged with their existing models, maybe just to tie them over for now but it seems those will be among the last to get any updated models

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    I'm an old school chaos player at heart. I'm happy to see all of the new chaos models, and am hoping to see more models designed for each of the Chaos Gods. My views of AOS have begun to change over the past few weeks though. Almost to the point that I now see AOS as being a separate game from Warhammer. Kind of like the demonic battle fields rules from Lost and the Damned. The Old World still exists, but GW is only dealing with this new realm that is separate from it for the time being. I guess that's the way I have to justify the new system.

    As for the models I can still use them in warhammer 3rd ed. all the way up to 8th (if I want to play that version), so it's no harm done there. As a figure collector and painter I'm always excited to see new models. One of my biggest regrets is seeing models that I thought sucked at the time they were released painted up years later that are just insanely awesome, and I didn't buy them when I had the chance.

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