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    Default Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia?

    Not seeing anything about this. Anybody have additional details? Is it a retheming of the Masmorra dungeon dice game using Arcadia characters?

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    I believe this is mentioned in the last paragraph of the Inferno announcement.

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    I also recall seeing a thread about it on BGG shortly after the CMON Expo.

    Simply put however, it does seem to be a re-skin of Masmorra de DADOS with the ability to use Arcadia Quest heroes. Having seen it played at CMON Expo and compared it to the few pics of Masmorra de DADOS thatr I've seen, it looks extremely similar. It looks extremely fun.

    Rumor has it that it will probably be another Kickstarter project launching sometime next year. My guess is that they wouldn't launch it until after AQ: Inferno is delivered, so I'm leaning towards late Q2 or Q3 KS launch. Looking forward to this so much though!

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    Anyone have links to the Masmora discussions that happened at Gencon? Anything on Inferno?

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    I wasn't at GenCon, but if you haven't seen them, CoolMiniorNot added some pictures of Masmorra and AQ:Inferno on their facebook.
    No real announcements per say, but Masmorra seems to be shaping up quite nicely very quickly. It looks much more professional than it did just a month ago at CMON Expo.
    And AQ: Inferno looks like it will have some awesome heroes to play with. And those angels?! I can't wait to learn how they play!

    I'm really hoping that they have both at DragonCon. If they do and I can play both I'll give as much detailed info as I can.

    *edit-I'd link if I could, but I'm at work without access to facebook...

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    I was able to play it at Gencon this past weekend, its basically a single hero dungeon crawler where when you place a new tile in the dungeon you roll a dice that has pictures on it to determine what type of monster you get. Some rooms have treasures with more monsters in them, some rooms have special abilities that spawn new monsters every turn and so on. You get special cards that have two options on them, one is basically able to help you, while the second options is to mess with the other heroes in the dungeon either on your turn or theirs, things like steal some of there gold (which the gold is only used to buy more cards), move a monster from one tile to another in the dungeon and so on. You have what they call an experience board which is basically your victory points and as you go up the experience board you unlock upgrades for your hero so he has better abilities to use with his dice, the game ends when I think if I remember correctly when someone reaches like 20 points on the experience tracker board. The cool thing is some cards you have in your hand to help or hurt the other heroes have 1+ experience upgrades for end of game scoring so you could sneak in and steal the win with those cards after someone triggers the end game action with your bonus cards. Pretty fast quick game that would be very easy to carry around I think only takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get a game in and that was with 3 players when I demoed it.

    Edit - I should also add that all the heroes for Arcadia Quest and vice versa for Masmorra will work with both games and come with cards to support all the heroes with both games so that is pretty cool I think.
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    I played this game as well at GenCon with my children (6 and 13). Both they and I thought it was a lot of fun and a great companion game to Arcadia. The game designer was super nice, explained everything to us, and we had a blast! As the poster above me said, it's a random;y generated dungeon crawl in which you continue to get stronger as you level up through the game (and knock the other heroes down a few pegs).

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    Oh and we played Inferno (see post there). If you have questions I can try to answer them.

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    So while I hate to play comparisons with an unreleased game, are we looking at Munchkin with minis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arydis View Post
    So while I hate to play comparisons with an unreleased game, are we looking at Munchkin with minis?
    Way less complicated and easy to teach to younger children in my opinion, you use your dice that you roll for actions rather then cards I guess, as your hero gets better you can do more powerful attacks with your dice. Like a lot of dice games there are options to change dice in case you roll really badly like most good dice games. But having the cards to either make your hero better or to mess with the other heroes is some similarity to Munchkin as well as the random dungeon aspect.

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    My kids play Minchkin, and I honestly liked this better. It felt a lot more like a RPG with a point. I honestly never felt that it was similar to Munchkin at all.

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    One of the first games I played was Munchkin and I still have some friends who regularly do so. For me, being like Munchkin isn't ALL bad, but I know that Munchkin can have a strong screw-your-neighbor, gang up on the leader aspect that diminishes the game a bit.

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