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    Another rule question from me.
    A friend and I played today and got through four scenarios before we had to call it night. We went through the post-scenario upgrade phase first and purchaced cards from the lvl 4 deck and equiped our heroes. This led to a setup where we couldn't quite agree on the rules.

    had Jøhan as a hero, and had equipped him with Cleave II as well as a few swords.
    Jøhan's ability is that he may throw swords as a ranged attack, yet counting sword results.
    Cleave II has the following text:
    "Your Sword and Axe attacks may target all enemies close to this hero."

    Does this mean that if Jøhan throws a sword at an enemy that is 5 squares away, he will also get to hit two goblins adjacent to him as well as my figure that shares his space. This just strikes me as wrong on several levels.

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    Cleave only allows you to target extra enemies close to yourself. So Johan can attack a distant enemy, and also target all enemies close to himself (Johan). He would not be able to target extra enemies close to the primary target.

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