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Thread: Silmarillion 1st aged Elven Themed Armies

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    Thanks Dorthonion. And yeah, it's nice to have a suitable work space like mine.

    Anyways, onto the update.

    As I said a few posts ago, I was going to start focusing on certain elven factions, instead of jumping around.

    First up, Finrod's kingdom of Nargothrond.

    This first picture is just a simple NMM sword I quickly did, just to help get me back into the swing of things when it comes to blending.

    These next two pictures just show the completed NMM armor and chainmail on this guys' lower half. The undergarment has simply a basecoat.

    For the armor and chainmail, I used a lot of the same colors that I will be using for every part of this miniature. Emerald Green, Light Turquoise are the main primary colors I will be using to mix together.

    Tell me what you guys think.

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    Wow. Lovely work and such a maddenly ambitious project.

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    Just that bright white spot on the end will really make these pop

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    Nice work, like what you are doing will keep watching this thread.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Nice choice of colors. Looks great.
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    Thanks guys, been working more on the mini, I have the undergarment finished and now the hair.

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    So I finished the undergarment, hair and large cloak. All that is left is to do the rest of the NMM, the boots, the face, the hands and the sword haha.

    TBH, I am extremely disappointed with the pictures, they seem to literally flush everything out, especially the shadows, and the blending seems blotchy, which is weird because when you look at it, the blending is much smoother. Oh well, I don't think i'll be able to take good pictures.

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    Looking good Gianluca. Have you tried free Massive Voodoo tute on photography?

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    the NMM looks great on the mini, but somehing's off with the robe and cloak (more noticable with the cloak).
    I think it's the following: you have a good range of colors for the transitions (some really light blues for highlights and really dark ones for the deepest shadows), but you basically use only half of them.
    What I mean is that you have a great transition between base color and the lightest one, and then the deepest recesses are simply left/painted/washed with the darkest color. You have no transition between darkest and the base colors.

    Also the hair doesn't have a lot of definition on the pic. Could be as you wrote the photo, or the strands are really not separated with a dark enough color.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Now that you mention it Max, I do see what you mean. My transitions to my highlights are ok, but the shading can be better. I had two shading colors that I wet blended into the "shaded areas" and then glazed black into the recesses to make it darker. I think I need to take the other two shadow colors and make some glazes from them and use those, and then progress to glaze black in the darkest of the recesses.

    For the hair, yes, it's definetley the picture. The shades are much more pronounced than the picture shows.

    Thanks for the critique!

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    Mally, I haven't yet seen that article, I'll look for it right now. Hopefully It'll give me some insight how to take better pics.


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    Slowly but surely guys, he's coming along

    Just the sword hilt, the leather boots/straps and the rest of the armor. Almost there!

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    So I'm basically finished with this guy. The only thing left is the helmet. I didn't paint it yet because I am thinking of adding a little bit of gold NMM for the cheek plates. The people of Finrod seemed to have gold and yellow colors in their attire.

    For the cloak, I deepened the shades a little bit to add some more contrast.

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    I just finished the last part of this warrior of Nargothrond prototype. The last part was obviously the helmet. I went for a golden cheek plate because I wanted some yellow or gold in this overall color scheme because the people of Finrod typically had some gold.

    I have a question for you guys. Looking at this prototype, does anything, meaning color scheme, not seem in place. Tbh, I think everything looks alright, I think my main thing was doing the NMM on the helmet, which is a weird shape to paint anyways.

    Tell me what you guys think.

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    So, now that I have one factions color scheme down, I've decided to move on to another one.

    Drumroll please..........

    Maglor's House!

    So, I did a lot of research of text and pictures to see what colors maglor usually wore, and it looks like his color scheme would have silver armor, with light blue, purple and black.

    Here is the beginning of him.

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    Nice work, your contrast is of a very high standard, just get the blending more even / smooth and I reckon your be a knockout.
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    So, after more than a year off of painting, this is what I conjured up this evening. Of course it is....NMM haha

    Basecoat: 1:1 Calthan Brown: Snaketbite Leather

    Highlights: Add in Bleached bone up to pure Bleached Bone (using layering and feathering)

    Shadows: Glaze Dark Flesh, then glaze Scorched brown, then glaze black into the recesses.

    My next attempt, I'm going to try and do more of layering and feathering for the shadows, instead of glazing hundreds of layers.

    Also, I am waiting for some Victoria Miniatures cloaks and have just ordered some Thunderbolt mini's!

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    So, tried to paint up a "colder" NMM gold, here's how it came out.

    Other than the small harsh highlight at the top of the blade, I'm actually pleased with how this came out. I'm getting my painting Mojo back.

    Tell me what you think!

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