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Thread: Silmarillion 1st aged Elven Themed Armies

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    Thanks for that Erunion.

    Just got the Victoria Miniatures cloaks. They look nice, but I think I won't be needing them anyways.

    So, onto the Elven Silmarillion painting update.

    Next up is the House of Maedhros, 1st son of Feanor.
    From researching many pictures of this character, he seems to have a lot of red and black. Secondary includes colder yellows, and white.

    Here is my work on a prototype for the color scheme.

    The majority of the armor is done, along with the cloak.

    I was thinking of painting the inner part of the red cloak white, the robe black, and the entire spear NMM Silver. I'm not sure yet where I should go for the sash in the middle of the figure.

    Tell me what you think guys, and give me some feedback on which other colors I should maybe use.

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    Thanks Mally, I literally just started painting again a week ago after taking a year hiatus, and it's crazy that my painting is this decent haha

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    Anyways, this prototype is basically done, I didn't do the inner cloak, boots or hands because I already knew how it would look like.

    image url

    gifs upload

    upload photos

    how do i print screen

    My question for you guys is, looking at this prototype, and it's colors. Would there be anything that you would change?


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    All looks very nice Gianluca. I would consider a light tan colour for the skirt but im
    not up on my silmirillion so may not fit.

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    So I had a go at Copper NMM. I followed Flameon's (a really good Polish NMM painter) copper tutorial from his patreon page.

    This was my result after my first attempt.
    upload a

    upload image

    windows 7 print

    Tell me what you guys think! I feel like there is something wrong, but I can't just put my finger on it

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    Doesn't look a bad effort at all, smooth out the blends some more but I think you are on a winner.
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    thank you sir. The more I look at it, the more happy I am with it. I do agree I need to blend things a bit more, but now that I know what I'm doing with all of the colors, that will be easy.

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    Your NMM looks pretty cool man, I really like how the copper looks... can I suggest on that latest figure to introduce a bit darker blue in your shadows of your silver, especially on the inside of the forearm as this would be reflecting off the robe... despite this it looks great, it’s just you could push the effect a little further to make it look fantastic!!!

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    Thank you sir. I agree as well, glazing even a little bit of blue into the shadows would add a very nice effect.

    The one thing with NMM that I have been trying to wrap my head around is the placement of strong and weak reflections to make the armor look as realistic as possible. I have naturally been looking a lot at LAN studio's NMM work, which I think to be the very best NMM. With this figure though, and a lot of the lord of the rings mini's, becaue of their size, it's a little tougher to bring that more realistic look to armor.

    Idk, it's something i'm working on, and hopefully will continue to improve in that department.

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    Now moving onto Finrod's people.

    Here's the first trials on the armor. I did not do the chest pieces underneath the left hand b/c I am still not sure how to properly shade/highlight those areas for metal. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    like the red of the cloth! need a glittering gold to contrast it
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    yep, gonna plan on using some gold on the trim of the undergarment!

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    A NMM silver sword I painted up today.

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    A bit more mid tone on the sword will work better mate.
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    There is more mid tone than the pic makes it out to be. Pic is making the sword super contrasty.

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    Alright, so the prototype for Finrod's people's is done.

    I will admit this. I am not particularly happy w/ the end result. A small part has to be due to the poor sculpt of these mini's. They came w/ the body, but w/ the sword not attached, so I had to use green stuff to connect the two. Also, the cloth is not fully smooth, there are a lot of irregularities in the plastic. All of this made it tough at parts to get a good look.

    I also need to practice on my freehand and painting realistic looking shields. So if anyone knows of good tutorials/resources, let me know.

    Here are some pics, followed by a youtube vid, circling the figure.

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    One of the things with freehand is to get the fluidity right with the paint. For mine I add ink to the mix. Practice this on some paper and see how much you can have on your brush and how long the stroke lasts.
    Mince you have drawn your design it’s easy enough to glaze it back if required.
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