July - Group A

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  • Webmonkey/Zeus

    1 3.57%
  • Tenball/Centuar-Rujo

    14 50.00%
  • Jike Ichi/Great White

    10 35.71%
  • Crystella/Dragon-Narthrax

    3 10.71%
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Thread: July - Group A

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    Default July - Group A

    I know it's still a few days out,.. but tentatively speaking, the groupings are going to be as follows,.. (may change slightly as people chime in)

    Group A- Webmonkey, Crystella, Ten Ball, Cannon Fodder, Jike Ichi

    Group B- Trystan, Maxx, Stampedingviking, Marjedi, Terrafirma

    Group C- Oistene, Fluisterwoud, AndyG, Maenas, Moetle

    For those of you who may be new,.. when I get the voting threads up, please add your name and model title to the top of the entry (In my case,.. Webmonkey/Zeus.. for example) followed by a single picture underneath it. (so make it your best one!!!) Please keep comments to this thread (just so we don't clog the other ones up). And as for voting, as always, you may vote for anyone you wish,.. EXCEPT YOURSELF!! Voting for others shows a appreciation for their work,.. plus, voting for yourself is poor sportsmanship,.. and just plain tacky. Please vote for what you think is best, and not for someone just because he/she may be your friend. I know I can't really enforce any of this, but still, it's worth mentioning. You get one vote per group, and then another in the final round.
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    ten ball/Rujo
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    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Jike Ichi / The Great White
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