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    Default Gamers Lounge Podcast starts a new WOK Segment

    Gamers Lounge has launched a regular Wrath of Kings segment on it's show. The introduction of the team is in the show posted today, with segments following in upcoming shows. The first 5 segments (upcoming) will be reviewing each of the armies then the segment is planned to discuss tactics and game play.

    Gamers Lounge ep. 111 – It’s a Palindrome
    Gamers Lounge Ep 113 – Masons, Engineers, and Hadross

    Gamers Lounge Ep 114 – Witches and Werewolves and Vampires

    Gamers Lounge ep. 111 – It’s a Palindrome

    Gamers Lounge Episode 111 has a couple firsts involved in it. This is the first time Mrs. Gamers Lounge has shown up on the show in 2 segments. Also, we’re launching a new segment, so the first time we’ll be diving into the regular Wrath of Kings segment with introductions.

    After Bill provides a bit of an intro we dive into the first segment. Mrs. Gamers Lounge and I sit down and talk about the newly arrived kickstarter game, Exploding Kittens. It’s a pretty short review but I think we cover the game well.

    Segment two has a new crew of guest hosts joining Bill for the launch of the new Wrath of King’s segment. This segment is as yet unnamed, but will be a regularly occurring segment covering Wrath of Kings tactics and game play. We start in this episode by introducing ourselves and what armies we play for WOK.

    And the last segment of the show has Bill and Mrs. GL return to talk about another game. This time they have a much longer game session discussion and full review of Super Dungeon Explore – Arcade. This is the cooperative version of SDE where the game has it’s own AI in place of a console.


    Segment 2 is shorter this episode and starts around the 21 minute mark for those who want to jump ahead. Download the show here.
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    Gamers Lounge Ep 113 – Masons, Engineers, and Hadross

    Gamers Lounge 113 opens with Bill chatting a bit to you, the listener, about his “working vacation”, gaming in other areas of the US, and recent games he’s played.

    Following that we have a little call to Guild Ball Tonight with a GBT style After Actions Report (AAR). Bill and Greg talk about a recent game where Bill’s Masons faced off against Greg’s Engineers. We discuss some of the intricacies of character plays and how the Engineer’s uses them to play the game differently from other teams.

    The second and last segment of the show is the next in the new Wrath of Kings show segment. This time we have already introduced ourselves so we dive into our first army review. We talk about Hadross, the dreaded fishmen of Arkania. We review their characters, the army play style, strengths, weaknesses, and general army review.

    The Hadross review starts around 39 minutes.

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    Gamers Lounge 114 has posted, with the next army review. This episode we review Goritsi.

    Gamers Lounge Ep 114 – Witches and Werewolves and Vampires

    Gamers Lounge Ep. 114 is back a little late but with some great content. Following the Intro Mrs. Gamers Lounge joins Bill to talk about their end of summer vacation. We talk briefly about Takenoko Chibi’s, Libertalia, and Exploding Kittens. We blame out friend Adam and Anna a bit for our game buying habits, then jump into a light review of New Salem.

    Following that we have another Wrath of Kings segment. This segment the crew is joined by Gamers Lounge Regular John and we review the Goritsi Army and models.



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    Thank you for the Heads up!
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    Something to note on your discussion between Duke Anton and the Blood Engine: The Blood Engine can heal multiple wounds a turn, Anton is limited to 1.
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    I've been enjoying these episodes while painting my WoK models - thanks! And happy to see that you have carried on talking about WoK beyond these episodes as well!

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    Thanks! I'm working on getting back into these segments now that the podcast is back up and running this year.

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    As additional encouragement, I've listened to every episode since you've started covering WoK!

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    Looking forward to more of your group's thoughts.

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