GENCON 2015 Items - Online...soon?
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Thread: GENCON 2015 Items - Online...soon?

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    Default GENCON 2015 Items - Online...soon?

    I did see this Facebook post:

    Dark Age
    July 31 at 7:18pm ·

    Due to a technical glitch in our system, we are unfortunately having issues with our GenCon Pre-Sale on the website. It currently looks like this issue will not be resolved before we return from the show, and we do apologize.

    To make up for this, however, the GenCon items will be made available for a limited time through the CMON webstore when we return. We will post additional details early next week.
    but was just wondering if we knew roughly when this week they'd be available?

    I'm traveling for work (maybe!) and it would be easy for me to miss out if it just kinda sorta pops up/sneaks in there is all!

    Nil nos tremefacit.

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    Apparently they'll be available "this weekend" - so...soon!
    Nil nos tremefacit.

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