XenoShyft Android & iOS is OUT!
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Thread: XenoShyft Android & iOS is OUT!

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    Thumbs up XenoShyft Android & iOS is OUT!

    The game is available right now at an App Store & Google Play near you!
    We're selling at a discount for $1.99 in Google Play (US price, varies by Google Play region) until Aug 17th!

    Without further ado:

    BETA TESTERS (iOS only):
    If you made it into the beta, you will receive a promo code to download a free copy of the game, eventually.
    Unfortunately Apple has limits on these and it'll take a couple of weeks or more to contemplate all of you.
    If you downloaded the game for free during the few hours of the "False Alarm", then you own it for good as well!

    Hope you all enjoy it, and we're here to help as usual!
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