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    Default Army building & Wasteland Warrior question

    Hi new player here, and I had a quick question about building an army.

    When you take a subfaction, it it gives you access to a list of new units, and doesn't deny any unless specifically called out, right?

    So if I declare Salt nomads, can I still take like Warlords and Wasteland Warriors and have the Salt Nomad bonus of gaining vengeance counters when allied models die?

    And a second, unrelated question. For the Wasteland Warriors's knockdown ability on their zip guns, it says under the weapon ability that melee attacks against larger models are at +2 and smaller are -2. Is this for the shot itself? And if so, does this not +/- not apply since it's a ranged attack?


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    Hi Glash!

    Re: Wasteland Warriors in Salt Flat Nomads - Yep, you can definitely still take Wasteland Warriors here.

    For Outcasts, you can always take Outcast models that aren't alligned with a subfaction (in the case of Outcast, that would be either Slavers or Salt Nomads) within a subfaction, unless specified by the subfaction rules say you can't. Only Slavers have rules that say you can't take some models (specifically, Hoj, Mongo, and the Brutes), so within Salt Nomads, you can take all the "generic" outcast options.

    As to your second question: the Knock Prone ability on the Wasteland Warrior's gun has modifiers based on size in melee only, so you're always looking for a 12 or less to KP a model with it at range. Pull, on the other hand, has size dependent modifiers at both range and in melee. So, keep that in mind!

    Welcome to Dark Age BTW. If you haven't already, check out the forums and/or the "Samaria in Ashes" facebook group! Both have some great resources for new players.

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