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    Hi Guys,
    I'm pretty new to Kaosball and trying to track down the only two ringers that I think I'm missing: Mr Awesome and The Patriot. I know that these were Kickstarter-exclusives, but do they ever come up for sale on ebay, at cons, or anywhere else? Having a really hard time finding them.


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    Cons will most likely be the cheapest way to get these guys. As for e-bay I have still seen a few KS exclusive ringers hit every now and then.

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    I was just at GenCon and ringers were not available according to people working at the booth.

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    Thanks for the help guys! I'll keep checking ebay for the moment.

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    These are the only two I don't have as well. Its a bit frustrating, but I guess missing 2 out of all of them isn't THAT bad.

    I've managed to acquire all but 5 teams (and have 2 copies of the Zombie team) 2 base sets, a league kit, and every ringer except Mr Awesome and the Patriot since GenCon just by shopping around. Hope to find them eventually.

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