super thin whips on the union boss models.
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Thread: super thin whips on the union boss models.

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    Default super thin whips on the union boss models.

    I cannot be the only guy who likes to BRASSROD ALL THE POLEARMS.. So when I got to looking at the union boss and his super springy whip, I got to wondering about paint chiping after I seal the model. So I am curious, does anyone have any suggestions oh what I can replace the whips with or should I just paint them, seal them and pray

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    I like that they are made from a good flexible plastic. I'm just going with them as they are now. If it's not broken don't fix it. If they are an issue later I'll go with a flexible wire but those have issues as well. Being magnetized for transport helps considerably for keeping thin items in good order. I'm just using self adhesive sheet magnets under the base. Then carry in something metal. Most of the issues with thin stuff come from transport more then use.
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