Where have all the ringers gone?
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Thread: Where have all the ringers gone?

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    Default Where have all the ringers gone?

    No seriously - only the ringers that come with the core set are listed on the Kaosball site + maybe two more. Weren't there more than that? No ringers for sale here either.....

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    In the KS the core box started with 4 ringers (Panther, Dragon, Cretin, Pandamonium) then with SG 4 mroe were added to the core box (TBone, Spectre, Butcher, Macho Libre). The other 14 are not in the core box. Of those 12 are KS exclusive (Kong Bad, Zorra, Gabe, Tycho, Gojira, Kutulu, Gangsta-Z, Rumblefist, Maze, Warrior, Mr. Awesome, Patriot) while the last two (Biru Biru & Scrag) can be found online for sale.

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