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    Hey guys,

    I'm hoping to start a league format of play at my college soon. Now is a great time to get ready since preseason just started;]

    Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? I was going to build two custom 3d boards but I don't know what else I would need beyond that.

    Also, if anyone is looking to offload their copy (KS preferred with all the ringers and such) shoot me a message! I anticipate having 12 players.

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    Sounds like you already have a few ideas. Building a couple of custom 3d boards is a very cool idea, you have to upload some pics once you have them built. Beyond that the biggest thing you will need is another set or two of the magnetic upgrades and cards. I didn't include the other tokens because if you are making the board you can probably make the wall and fire tokens.

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    Thanks. I'll have to look around for the upgrades and cards. Total noob here:]
    If I can wrangle a set I'll totally make the board and upload some pics. I was going to use static grass to give it that astroturf feel:]

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