Kraken and Sea Monster -- re-spawn?
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Thread: Kraken and Sea Monster -- re-spawn?

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    Default Kraken and Sea Monster -- re-spawn?

    We've played a handful of times, and we've had the Kraken show up in every game, and the Sea Monster a couple of times. Tonight, however, we had a new player who asked an interesting question.

    Once either of these creatures is KO'd, and a player has that objective card in front of them, is that monster out of the game for good, or can it reappear?

    We have been playing it's gone for good, since there is only one objective tile for each and it goes to the player who KO'd the monster. But, since all of the Tide Decks have a serpent card, and since you continue to play Kraken tentacle cards, one of our players thought perhaps they can "re-spawn".

    Which is correct?

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    The rules state at the beginning of the Kraken section that you don't do that phase if it has already been defeated. Also the Sea Monster card says you can't play it after it has been played once in a game.

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