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    I live in Sweden but am from the States and missed the ks somehow. What started as a vague curiosity has become somewhat of a holy grail search. You can't buy the book and they only give/sell them at cons...sometimes. Cmon does not attend cons outside the US. So I went through on bgg asking Swedes who owned the game of they had it and have gotten all "no, sorry, good luck" in response. Is there anyone that has the book that is interested in selling it. It'd be great if you live in the general area of northern Europe for the sake of shipping, but at this point you could live on Mars (watch out for bugs!)

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    Hey George, I am in a similar boat regarding the KS but live in the US. I don't attend cons as often as I'd like, but I plan to try to attend one and am looking for this book too. CMON does an event that is within (barely) driving distance in May. I'll check back, but if they have copies I could try to snag two and ship you one at cost. This game doesn't interest me so much, but the setting and art really do.

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