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Thread: Kickstarter for Unofficial 3D Scenery

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    Default Kickstarter for Unofficial 3D Scenery

    While doing my morning Kickstarter browsing, I came across this:

    It's an unofficial 3D scenery set up for Rivet Wars with a TON of different options. Definitely some good looking stuff in there.

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    Yes, that's one of the members here on the forums. I believe it's Bulldog? He already reached his goal!
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    ... and that is by one guy Unfortunately its all a bit more than I want to pay

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    Good on you and good luck!
    WFRP v1 and v2 GM and painting since 91' into modelling and casting
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    Hi Hithero, thanks for pointing the pricing out for me. Looks like there has been a crossing of communication there when scaling up prices from various special tiles

    I don't often get to have a look at the KS pre and live as I always have my head down over one project or the other, I actually had to follow the link on this thread to find my own KS, LOL. I have had a word with Rob and prices should drop considerably in the next couple days with KS backer discounts, certainly on the main board tiles and on several of the accessory pieces.

    Hopefully because we haven't made up specific pledge levels we can do this mid KS without having to pull it and re-launch so keep your eyes peeled. Not sure I will have any lines of communication from tomorrow until next Monday but I will try and get in touch with Rob somehow to check on progress of the changes
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    What is the largest price to get everything? And what is the least price to get the basics (say, just the 3D board?)
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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