Selling some of my Confrontation figures...
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Thread: Selling some of my Confrontation figures...

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    Default Selling some of my Confrontation figures...

    Hey all, I was an avid collector of Rackham miniatures back in their heyday and was even a Rackham Sentinel for a couple of years. My family and i have recently found ourselves a bit tight in the finance department and I've begrudgingly decided to part with some of my minis. I have about 20 or so blisters up on Ebay right now , and a few have already been snatched up. I do have many more that are assembled and cleaned (most are pinned at joints, etc) yet unpainted that I may be willing to sell as well. I had most of the range of Acheron, Kelts, Grffin, Dirz, and also some Ophidian and Cadwallon stuff, though I don't think I can part with my Dirz/Griffin/Hybrid stuff yet

    Here's a Confrontation figure I painted and posted a LONG time ago (Jan 2006!!)

    I will be posting up more over the next couple of days, if you are interested, please check them out! When I'm not so busy and can get back to painting, I will be sure to come back here and share more of my stuff...
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    Looks to me like they sold

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