[WTB]Kingdom Death: Some OOP and Xmaxe (Christmas twilight knight pin-up gear/card)
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Thread: [WTB]Kingdom Death: Some OOP and Xmaxe (Christmas twilight knight pin-up gear/card)

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    Default [WTB]Kingdom Death: Some OOP and Xmaxe (Christmas twilight knight pin-up gear/card)

    The 3 Axes and Gear Card from Xmas Special Pin-up Twilight Knight
    Ammo Slave
    Flower Witch
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    Happy for Encore over Limited runs~
    I actually backed Kingdom Death, but because I have been moving home a lot over the last few years, back and forth from EU and USA, and all sorts of other bits, I've not been able to get everything. I didn't think of checking here for people who have changed their mind, as I had given up on the miniatures as I refused to buy from ebay, as it just seemed such an ugly thing to do: buy the minis to resell on.

    Joe over at KD was sorting out an order from me, but I've not heard from him in a few weeks, and with all the shipping going on for Kingdom Death: Monster, I don't want to be harassing him. So worst case scenario I save him having to pack some stuff =D
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    I definitely have an ammo slave-- I picked up several of the encore before they sold out at KD-- will sell at retail plus shipping and handling just so it does not cost me ( should end up around 32 dollars if you are in USA)

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    I have a spare Flower Witch, I think. Drop me a PM and we'll sort something out.
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