New member, some WIP scratch-building
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Thread: New member, some WIP scratch-building

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    Default New member, some WIP scratch-building

    Hi all,
    Just saying hello and putting my scratch-built deff dredd up for comment.
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    If I'm doing it wrong or committing some terrible faux pas, I apologise.
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    well looking at tell me you in dager of being chush by rodents squirel not orks think rivets mad max and rust and ward war one yeh old mashen guns big have clunky as is looks like an angray wall nut who detest put his tools on wish i know what sight you get good bit to do a re do but bit do as think pain boyZ if had em riding on top i get the 3 in box killer kans lots good bits in that graoge sails have old toy think mad max old wind up clock yes gares buzzsaws dont get rid of two of armes the zap gun and chan sword look good yes if tack all of and stick a grchen in thare have legs and arms stiking out with two of wepens be funy as hekk well thanks will look at more keep on doing hek do big top them with clowns i see that have fun with it ;;;;;]]]

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