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    Default Super Dungeon Explore (Alpha) Tactics feedback

    So I picked up the pre-alpha "Super Dungeon Explore: Tactics" game at PAX Prime, and it's kinda cool.
    (For those not familiar with it: It's a PC or MAC version of an offshoot of Super Dungeon Explore with characters that are the same but the rules and game play is a reasonable amount different from either regular SDE or Arcade mode rules.

    My impression:
    The rules are different, and simpler yet still have good flavor and are fun. (I do like the dice picking phase, that is cool) The game I think would get limited play in it's two player form, however, I could see myself playing it quite a bit if there were an escalating difficulty of dungeons and there was AI controlling the Consul characters.

    I've really thought that one of the weaknesses of the non-Arcade mode of SDE is that when push comes to shove, SDE is really a two player game. Yes multiple people can play the heroes, but those people all need to work together in a fashion no different than what the Consul must do with all of the minis he controls. Separate people controlling each hero really just makes the heroes team worse if they don't all co-operate and basically play like a single player would. And you could play this SDE:Tactics the same way having multiple people controlling the Heroes or Monsters, but again it basically is a two player game. Now if there was AI controlling the consul Monsters, then for some reason - At least for me, it makes it more "alright" for multiple people to control the heroes. This is probably because AI's for this type of game typically aren't particularly smart, so players can operate with their characters more independently and still be successful. A series of dungeons could just get harder and harder by adding more and more poor AI controlled monsters until eventually the Heroes hit a point where they just can't handle the volume/strength of the opposing monsters. That could make for a fun game that I would play alone or with friends a fair amount.

    So can you guys reveal if an AI controlled Consul side is in the works?

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    I'm sure you won't get any official answer here (this isn't a Sodapop forum after all).

    As for speculation- I'd be very surprised if we don't see an AI consul for the full release. It just seems so obvious, and a game like this really wants to have a full campaign mode.

    Ideally, we'd also have a level builder tool set, and be able to create our own super tough dungeons to crawl through.

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