rivet wars western front,any eta?
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Thread: rivet wars western front,any eta?

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    Default rivet wars western front,any eta?

    As the title says is there a eta,they have been showing us wip and art for over a year, so my question to any one who might know:
    Is there a eta so I can start saving.

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    Believe me we'd all like to know this one, if Ted's team is reading these then this isca new riveteer who already wants to give you guys more money along with the rest of us, update very soon please, preferably way before Xmas (the wife won't want me spending all the Xmas money if Nov \ Dec)

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    My daughters and I have been playing for a while and have finally added on the last of the expansion and Kickstarter exclusives. Is there any traction for the next Kickstarter?

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