got Eastern front,what should I get next?
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Thread: got Eastern front,what should I get next?

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    Default got Eastern front,what should I get next?

    So I will buy the eastern front core set on Wednesday(pay day,yay!), I don't have a huge amount of cash so, my question is what expansion should I buy next (or would 2 of the core boxes be better?).

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think you need to give more information to answer that question really, such as how much you have to spend, and it also depends a lot on what country you're in, because of postal cost.
    It has to be said it's a shame you missed the kickstarter as the base set does really have enough basic infantry.
    Because of that I'd personally go for the second wave set, if you're just getting the one. This gives you four more alt scupt basic infantry, some interesting heroes, and new heavier units.
    The turrets can also alter the game a lot, and it's a lot cheaper than another base set, maybe spearhead instead, and get another base set further down the line.
    If you're buying expansions individually I'd leave the war room till last as those minis don't see too much action in our games.
    Battle of Brighton brings a new dynamic to the game and definitely worth getting but can be expensive.
    If you can absorb the cost I'd go for someone selling the blitzkrieg pledge bundle in your own country if possible.
    I'm sure others will disagree with my list but hope it helped : )
    Welcome to rivet.

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    Ih yes the Blitzkrieg Pledge is more than you can handle in the beginning I missed the Kickstarter, but I managed to buy one afterwards. Even if here in Germany games with WW theme often have a hard time (you know...), I cannot understand why this game isn't more successfull in Germany. It's easy to learn, fast paced and has a great theme where Russia is the Western Front

    However, I addionaly have one copy of each Expansion here to sell. It was ordered addionaly by a friend of mine, but ... let's say we weren't good in imaginating how much stuff it is and we decided to sell them, still shrink wrapped. So if you decide to buy expansions, ask before buying anywhere else ;-)

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    Second Wave and spearhead are definitely worth looking at. The first is more tank based while spearhead is more tactical infantry based. Heavy metal is great if youve got a few more units on the board and you can support higher deployment point games.
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    What he wants to say is, buy the whole package and you will have no order problem at all

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