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Thread: Crit Camp Gaming: Zombicide Streamed Live! Join us!

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    The kick off of Season 3: Rue Morgue! We discuss the new additions, rules, and more then take on the first tutorial mission to help get those rules clear for the main events! Fan or just new to S3, then join us on this new epic challenge!

    Crit Camp EP62 Zombicide Season 3 Introduction & M00:

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:

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    We continued our Season 3 Introduction with M00 Tutorial #2: Smells like Team Spirit on Monday. A quick follow up, helicopters, skinner runners, new weapons, and THE A BOMB appeared! Onward to M01 on Monday!

    Crit Camp EP63 Zombicide Season 3 M00 Tutorial #2:

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

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    We kick off the first official Season 3 mission Monday night! Join us as we put all the seasons together and see what this hospital has in store!

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    We are psyched to announce that Special Guests @TwitchBoardGame (whom are the behind the scenes devs over at that have begun streaming from their offices) will be joining us to discuss board game streaming at Twitch, what goes on behind the scenes, and more! We'll be playing Zombicide Season 3, so come join us and see what's up!

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    We had a great time partnering up with @TwitchBoardGame hosts of (developers behind the scenes at Twitch who play board games and now stream them on Mondays) to play some Zombicide Season 3 MA9: A Stupid Bet. The goal of this stream was in support of the board game streaming community and we hope you'll check them out as we can only all benefit from Twitch paying more attention to board games with their content. The mission was definitely a fun-brutal one, maybe underestimated it a bit, but we look forward to having them join us again for more Zombicide! Enjoy!

    Crit Camp EP65 Zombicide Rue Morgue MA9: A Stupid Bet:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:

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    Tonight it's M02: NO WAY OUT From Season 3 Rue Morgue! Join us as we continue to make our way through this crazy hospital and see what's in store this time! 10PM EST/7PM PST

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    Monday 6/20 it's M03: The Price of Progress from Rue Morgue! Join us!

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    Well we brought on a special camp community guest to help try to get through M03: The Price of Progress...and we definitely ran into a challenge! See how it all went down!

    Crit Camp EP67 Zombicide Rue Morgue M03: The Price of Progress:

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:

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    Tonight we make a valiant return to the airwaves with a second attempt at Zombicide Rue Morgue M03: The Price of Progress! We took a bit of a break but after all the gaming hype as of late, we're dying to get back to the slaying! Join us!

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