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    Default Loving this game!

    I just wanted to jump on here to express my love for this game and that I am looking forward to playing the expansion.

    If you come to a CMON event at a con I hope to see you there as I demo this and many other games for them!


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    I bought it used with the intention to paint the miniatures.... but now I play it every other day with my wife ^^ it is so easy to understand (mechanics) that everyone can play it.
    I am still filing moldlines from the minis though, so no painting has done.
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    I feel the same !!! I've played just a couple of times so far, but I can say this game is now in my TOP 5 favorite games ever !!!

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    Same here. I've got a campaign going on at work and they're loving it. Always glad to spread the CMON love.

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    Don't forget to check the new Arcadia Inferno Kickstarter! I pledged some days ago and there are a lot of extras added in it already... also you can unblock a new expansion called "pets" were you can add a pet to your guild!! go check it
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