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    Question Rules Questions from weekend gameplay...

    a few quick rules question that came up over the weekend.

    1. There is tide card that allows your opponent to dictate where the target zone is for the deck gun when it is fired (bribe the deck gunners I think). Can your opponent force you to target a square with your own units and will the deck gun wound your own units?

    Our answer was your own units can not be damaged by your deck gun.

    2. Bone Devils - There is a tide card that allows you to restore the deckhands and bosuns that have been killed by an enemy. If this card is played, does the opposing hero still get the gold for killing the deckhand and the bosuns even though they are being returned to the board?

    Our answer was no, since they weren't KO'd the hero did not get the cash...

    3. Rigging - can you attempt to rig farther than 6 (6 sided die and all) squares when starting in a proper area and ending in a legal zone? (there are cards that allow you to succeed on a 2+ or powers that add +2 to the roll)

    Our answer was 6 was the max due to the die.

    4. Rigging Part Deux - When playing Mazu against La Brie (standard 3 ship setup vs 2 ship setup) can you rig across from the outer Mazu ship to a legal zone on the far La Brie ship? (q3 may answer this)

    Our answers was no based on the above answer for 3..

    Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks again!

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    1. Yes, it can target friendlies and damage them.
    2. Yes, they still get Coin for killing them. They are still KO'd, just placed back into play afterwards.
    3. Yes, there is no limit to how far you may attempt to rig- the rules do not state you have to have a chance to pass the actual check.
    4. Rigging is from an adjacent ship to an adjacent ship.
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    FANTASTIC....we were wrong on every count...LOL. Thanks Mr. Black for the clarification..

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