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    Question Gold for KOed heroes


    When a hero is KOed, it is put on its card with a dark deadman's token. He is not considered 'In reserve' so no token at the start of the next turn > you just swap the token on its golden side.
    On the following turn, you remove the golden token and the Hero is 'in Reserve'.
    My question is: is the KOed Hero considered 'In reserve' before you put a gold on each 'In reserve' Hero and thus receive a gold or do you first put the gold and then put the KOed Hero 'In reserve' (from my reading of the rulebook, it seems to be the second option)?

    Thank you.

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    Order of operations is place a Coin on all Heroes in Reserve, then flip/remove Dead Man's Coins. So the Hero recovering that turn will not get a Coin.
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    Thank you, Mr. Black, for your answer.

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