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    Greetings and salutations! My friends and I are huge fans of Zombicide, it's easily become out favorite way to spend an afternoon and we can never get enough of the new content and expansions. Personally, I like to tinker with character designs and found myself drawing up alternate character cards for most of the survivors, implementing new mechanics and traits to play around with. Naturally, when Rum & Bones was released, the implications for character diversity was through the roof! I'm a huge fan of the moba genre with more than enough hours logged between the biggest titles to last the average person a lifetime. I've probably designed dozens of characters casually over the years, and already my mind has started coming up with different ideas to contribute to Rum & Bones.

    Basically, I'm just wondering if you guys are interested in seeing characters designed by the community, and if so is there a specific places where these should be posted? Whether its entire characters or even just specific attacks and abilities I'd love to see some community content make it's way into the game, and I'd be willing to wager that there's at least a few others out there who'd be more than happy to contribute. Thanks in advance for any replies, and I look forward to hearing from you guys!

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    Greetings again, I had a few characters that I liked and figured that this thread would be the only real place to share them right now, so have a look and let me know what you think!
    The skills are described using this notation;

    Skill Type: Name (Dice / To-Hit / Range) [Coin Cost]

    BE FOREWARNED; The names of the characters / abilities are mostly terrible puns, I have zero creativity on that front...

    Maxwell Edison
    Captain, 10

    Attack: Hammer Time (4/4/1)[0]
    Enemy heroes are pushed 1 zone for each hit of 5 or 6.

    Ability: Majoring in Medicine [2]
    Remove 1 condition from each friendly hero.

    Reaction: Knocked Em Sky High [3]
    When an enemy hero is pushed; Deal 2 damage to all enemy units in their new zone, and that hero suffers Stun.

    Jacques Lagasse
    Quartermaster, 10

    Attack: Steady Hands (3/3/2)[0]
    If Steady Hands deals 2 or more damage to a hero, that hero becomes inflicted with Bleed.

    Ability: Quartermaster's Brew [3]
    Target an allied hero, then roll a die;
    1-3: That hero restores 3 health
    4-6: That hero may immediately take 1 action

    Ability: Supper's Ready [3]
    Allied heroes may move three zones during a move action instead of the regular two.

    Van Helsing
    Gunner, 8

    Attack: Sharp-shooter (3/3/2)[0]
    Heroes may be targeted first in priority order.
    Heroes damaged by this attack suffer Bleed.

    Attack: Blood Money (5/4/2)[2]
    Heroes may be targeted first in priority order.
    Gain 1 gold for each successful hit against an enemy hero suffering Bleed.

    Reaction: Bloodletting [1]
    When a hero suffers damage from Bleed; Inflict an additional 1 damage to that hero.

    "Patch" Griswald
    Swashbuckler, 10

    Attack: Tricks of the Trade (4/4/1)[0]
    Gain 1 gold for each hit of 6 rolled.

    Attack: Twin Axes (5/3/2)[4]
    If this attack defeats an enemy, Patch may use it a second time with no cost as a free action.

    Reaction: Dashing Rogue [3]
    When Patch would be dealt damage; Roll a die; On a result of 4 or higher, Patch takes no damage, and you may move him to an adjacent legal zone.

    Honest Grit
    Brute, 14

    Attack: Give & Take (4/4/1)[0]
    Roll an additional 2 dice for each Condition on Grit.

    Ability: Tenacious [2]
    Grit restores 2 health and ignores all negative effects from conditions this turn.

    Reaction: Let Me Handle This [1]
    When a friendly hero would suffer a condition; Grit suffers that condition instead.
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