bgcdazzler's first ever mini WIP (a confusion of cockups and learnings)
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Thread: bgcdazzler's first ever mini WIP (a confusion of cockups and learnings)

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    Default bgcdazzler's first ever mini WIP (a confusion of cockups and learnings)

    Hello, I'm new here.

    When I was 14 I had the game HeroQuest (remember that?) and vaguely remember brushing some yellow ink onto a skeleton or mummy. It was, um, not very successful. 20 years later, and until two nights ago that was my entire experience of painting minis. But after lurking around here and admiring lovely stuff from you all, I decided on whim to just take the plunge and get some sprues, a little brush, and dig out some paints from an unmade Airfix helicopter set I got for Christmas. I'd like to post some updates here on the off-chance that a) some other complete newcomers like me might feel emboldened to give this a try (and I recommend it; it's fun), b) get some tips to help improve, and c) give all the experts either a whiff of nostalgia for their own first efforts or the screaming giggle-fits at my ineptitude.

    So, here we go...

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    Default 1st bit: the models

    Okay, so... what to buy, what to buy? All I knew was it had to be an Ork. I like them, they're funny-looking, and I'm a big fan of Sukigod's work (especially his scratchbuilding stuff. Good grief...)

    So in the end I tiptoed into my nearby hobby place and bought these fellas:

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    And while we're at it, let's call this MISTAKE 1. These chaps are really complicated for a newbie like me. Lovely little models (it seems), but lots and lots (and lots) of metal bits, and not so much Ork.

    Anyway: onto painting (after removing mold lines and priming like a good boy...)!

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    So my first bit of painting: some Orky skin:

    Sorry for the rubbish pic. I was going for the 'striation' look for the muscles, all ropy and stuff. I'm afraid I can't give you any clues what the paints are (one is 'Nato Olive, which I guess isn't exactly classic mini colouring...).

    The back. You can see three little scratches I cut in with a scalpel. I could pretend that I meant this to look all cool and damage-y, but to be honest I couldn't get a perfect fir with the arm to the body, so I masked it with some chopping so you wouldn't see the line.

    Belly - trying to keep that a bit darker (forgetting, of course, that it will mostly be hidden by a mahoosive gun thing).

    General note: I've never played Warhammer or any of the tabletop games, so I don't have any great idea if these colours are going to be spec or not. I'm just enjoying the painting thing is all. Sorry if it offends any purists.
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    Some more work on this: and got my first ever 'official' paints! I now have a lovely 'oily steel' which I immediately dabbed onto the metal bits. MISTAKE number 2: I'm not keen on the metallics. Looks okay in normal light, but ugh, it's ugly to photograph and a bit flat looking. Felt like cheating. Maybe I'll have to try NMM on the next model (oh yes, I'm still enjoying myself immensely, so there will be another after this one. But hey, let's not run before I walk: still lots to do on this chappie).


    The cuff looks a bit rough: that was intentional (honest): I ground up a bit of my kids' chalk with this idea of having a buidlup of rust on the cuff. Then weathered the cuff as a test (this whole thing is going to be a bunch of different mini tests...). Not sure I like it: seems a bit OTT.

    Trousers are done with a bit of 'LederBraun' (from the airfix model kit). Which I guess means Leather Brown. Some reds and yellows and whites to soften it up and add shadows etc.

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    So did his lip up a bit in pinky red.

    I liked that, and I love Kretcher's pinky Ork faces, so thought I'd give that a try to make it more interesting. MISTAKE number 3.

    Came out really blobby, especially the crude black around the teeth. Then after a few beers I decided to go a bit stronger with the source lighting. Right now he's sort of lit from the top in a boring way. Maybe, thought I in a slightly fuzzy state, I could make his gun really hot and have it 'glow' on his skin? Hmm? Hmm?

    So I gave it a go:

    Still rough, but I kinda liked it. So I figured this was my route (note: ignore the awful yellow and black pipe thing. I'm definitely going to paint over that).

    A bit more on the hand and face, and here he is:

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    Default Onto the gun thing...

    So then I had a crack at the gun. Here's where it got to the night before last (a late one...):

    As I said before, the gun feels like cheating. It's all metal coat and drybrushing and stippling on some rust and stuff. Came together really quickly, apart from the hot bit at the front. Still a few bits to fix from this stage (the dial, some highlighting, and globe thing), which I did last night, I'll post up next.

    EDIT: oh, and here is a rough idea of what the two look like together:

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    Oh, and excuse the dirty nails: I've been alternating between work, gardening (and building a deck on the back of our house) and painting this chap.

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    I also started with HeroQuest and crappy craft paints ages ago! Been painting on and off since then though. If this is your first try since then, you're doing great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oistene View Post
    I also started with HeroQuest and crappy craft paints ages ago! Been painting on and off since then though. If this is your first try since then, you're doing great.
    Thanks Oistene. I know, right? HeroQuest probably has a lot to answer for. I remember it being quite fun to play except my brother always cheating, grumble grumble.

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    So here are a couple more views, before I catch up with what I did last night.

    Back (hopefully those OSL transitions are not too stark?)

    Front on:

    Need to up the lighting on the chin and hand (and not weep over how much painting the stupid gun covers up, sob).

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    So here's where I got to last night. First a pic of the gun finished(ish):

    Hmm, that's a bit dark/off. Maybe this one shows it better. Not much added - just little dial done and the cables and globe thing, and the red plasma bit on top:

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    Default Uh-oh. Trouble...

    Following on, this was my other 'first-time-ever' experience last night. So this bit is to go on his back:

    And... well... I don't like it. It's boring. I 'could' just paint it up and call him done and get on the base (which I'm kinda excited about; I have a few probably far-too-ambitious ideas for it). But if you look at the little screw thread area near the top, you can see just how weak it is. It's kinda floppy. I imagine I did it wrenching it off the sprue in an ungainly fashion, but still: I'm not sure.

    So I had a little think and came up with the idea of maybe doing a flag/banner instead. I could take off the top bit, raise it on a needle (or something) and make a flag out of green stuff (I have some from ebay that I was going to use to do the base with).

    Then I noticed this bit on the sprue (not the little goblin head, the other bit):

    I'm new to this so I could be wrong – but I can't see where this goes on any of the other figures in the box. Is it a random part you might use for other things? Anyhoo, I thought it might look good as a skull/crossbones thing at the top of my flagpole (albeit a bit big maybe?) I am all at sea here.

    Anyway, it still gave me a reason (excuse) to have a go at the greenstuffing lark. A bit of fiddling around and I ended up with this:

    Voila! A skull motif for the crossbones and a flag. Sort of. It's curing at home right now, and it looks like I need to add some folds (thin little sausages of greenstuff, is that the best way?) and some more natural way of suggesting it is attached as a flag. Seeing as I've already raided my wife's sewing box maybe I could do a little line of stitches holding it in place?

    As always, thoughts, criticisms, feedback, sympathy, tea, biscuits are all welcome.

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    Well, that was nerve wracking. Cut off the offending stick, stitched the flag (after trimming it to make it a bit smaller) and green stuffed it to the backpack after carving out some of the old stick.

    too much stitching? Complete mess? Too curly a flag? Comments and criticism welcome. (Though I must admit I'm quite pleased with myself for even attempting something like this on my first go).

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    Other side:

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    More green stuff shenanigans. I decided the skull and crossbones thing might be naff, so had a wee go at sculpting an alternative - a sort of rotteny head stuck on the pike. Behold: Sculpty, the lame-ass corpse-head!

    not quite got the hang of this tiny, tiny working with my fat sausage fingers.

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    Default Oops, my bad...

    Sorry - just realised the protocol is to show your working space. So here is the dining room table which I'm rapidly filling up with mini stuff:

    And here is where it all lives when I'm not making an unholy mess: Daddy's hobby corner.

    (three kids and one Lady Boss = a tiny space allocation for daddy. Ah well.)

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    A late night... Fair to say I'm addicted!

    here's paint on the backpack - quite pleased with the shading. The flag is only roughly base coated so far so ignore that.

    what do you think? Should I put a pattern on the yellow or just weather it?

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    Default Your thoughts please....

    So in the cold (and depressingly sober) light of day I thought I would dry-fit the bits together, because I'm impatient like that. I made up some hair (just for positioning) out of blue-tac, stuck Corpsy McRotten to the flagpole, and had a little look-see:

    Hahahahahahaaaaaa! Oh my god, he looks terrible. Scaling all wrong and top-heavy and just... ugh. Big fail.

    So: here's my dilemma. What do I stick on top of the flag (or do I leave it as it is)?

    Here are the options:

    1. A spearhead

    2. A bit from the box

    3. Nothing

    4. The ridiculous dead head (top)

    What do you folks think?


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    for the metallics you may want to look into TMM which is much like nmm but using metallic paints, Teronus has a lovely wip thread that demonstrates the technique well, it was where i was pointed to when i asked about it a while ago, its all looking good so far

    oh and i too know the sting of 3 kids and a "lady boss" meaning not much hobby room haha

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    Thanks Sicks, I'll look at that. I love Teronus' brass dragon! If you have any advice on the flagpole that would be great too.

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