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Thread: Share your favourite advanced tutorials!

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    Default Share your favourite advanced tutorials!

    Hi there, my paintimg fellas!

    As probably most of you, I am very interested in improving my painting skills and taking them to the next level. That's why I started this thread!

    Which are your favourite tutorials? Which are the one that were the most useful ones to you? Have you made any yourself? Share them here!

    I will share some myself if this gets moving!

    Lets get it on!

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    This one from Massive Voodoo on light and shadow really helped me a lot. Link
    This one from Warhammer empire on NMM is pretty handy to. Link

    When I first started this hobby these websites and there Tutorials really helped me, and still do.
    And of course Coolminiornot tutorials.

    For video tutorials I get a lot out of Painting Buddha's videos on youtube. Link

    So many great tutorials out there so much to learn, but the best way to learn is always to "Try and fail and try again". Will learn so much more if you let yourself be free to just experiment
    and discover these things for yourself, they will stick in your brain a lot better to.
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    It wouldn't be the first time i've checked Massive Voodoo's website =P Those were useful!

    When I begun painting I started with Tyranids, and I found all sorts of tutorials to paint them. But the one I remember the most is this:

    There are lots of other tuts on that website, all of them being awesome.

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