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    I've started looking for some synthetic sable brushes, just because I'd like to stop gettin animal sable.

    I have really no experience with Syntetic ones, so I'm really open to any suggestion / brand / warning you may provide me.

    Thanks a lot,

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    I just started a thread of similar purpose -- regarding the Black Swan line of 'synthetic sable' brushes --

    I keep hearing about these, but I have no idea how good they are for mini's. The sizes seem 'weird' too.

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    I just purchased Kaerell from Raphael... I didn't get them yet, but as soon as I do I will update CMON forum about them. I am used to paint with Raphael 8404 and W&N Serie 7.
    I got from a friend working in one of the biggest French art supply online store, she told me that they will stop selling Sable Kolinsky brush. She could not tell me if it was a shop decision or a potential European ban, I could not find any article about it... So time will say...

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    I have tried escoda's synthetics. They are okay, but not as durable as sable and have a harder time keeping their point. The bristles are shorter and so capillary action takes paint up into the ferrule easier. I think if the bristles wear longer they would be better, though maybe not due to the higher than normal snap of the bristles. Also, their price is a bit high given their lower durability.
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    Interesting! If I find synthetics that are as good, or at least almost as good as my W&N I would switch in a heartbeat.

    The ones I've tried so far haven't been very durable but I haven't tried the ones mentioned here I think.

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    Can I ask why you protest the use of weasel fur on your brushes?
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    Personally I protest the cost of furry weasel brushes! Other than that I have nothing against them!

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    soo price
    I rather take 1 quality brush for more money, then a lot of lesser quality ones for cheap.

    My biggest problem with it is that I understood why I hated art lessons in school when I first tried out my first WnN7. The tool really helps.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Nothing beats a quality brush. What I don't understand is -- why don't they just shave the weasels? ( lol )

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    They are supposedly pretty aggressive, so difficult to shave. Not sure if all are trapped or if some are farmed as well though. The Kolinsky ban in U.S. was directed towards the Chinese variants IIRC.

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    most are farmed nowdays. Nature couldn't keep up with today's demands.

    But some say the fur-quality of the wild ones is better. No idea if it's true or not.
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