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    Default Grafting Lab Expansion: Retail vs KS

    Hi folks at CMON,

    I was a bit surprised to read in the KS comments that, it would seem, the Grafting Lab expansion is significantly changed from the KS version.

    I can't find anything in that sense.

    Can you confirm:
    - if there is a change;
    - what the changes are;
    - how significant they are;
    - if we can get a list of those changes; and
    - if we can get replacement cards at a rebated price (for those who bought the original ones with proof of purchase)?

    Thanks and looking forward to dreadmire...


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    Have you heard anything on this yet? Obviously not here, but in general.

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    There were some minor changes made to some cards, just to make them play smoother. Note I do not feel there is anything wrong with the Kickstarter versions, just these were edited to make gameplay a bit smoother in the long run.

    Pandora Explosive Implants
    -Effect targets ANY enemy, instead of the first.

    Harpy Bio-Mech Wings
    -Now gives +1 Power and +1 HP.
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    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the quick reply and for the information.

    Is it possible to have a PDF version of the cards so that we can print them and slip them in front of the cards in the sleeves to replace the text?



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