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    It's been a little whilse since I posted anything - the last few weeks have been really busy. None the less I've been doing hobby stuff in the back ground. Here's Butcher I finished the day before Euro.


    For more pictures -


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    Excellent job especially the muscles great highliting and shading there. Glad your still in one piece I thought your house might have gone down the sink hole
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    Thanks and very topical. Luckily it's about 3 miles away, it would have to be a hell of a big hole to get me!

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    looks amazing, one of those pieces that makes me want to own the model and attempt to get it half as good as this

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    The metallics are awesome.

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    Incredible work sir!
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    Well done!! I saw this one on the front page of P&P the other day. (still need to get an invite over there at some point,.. that my work really warrants I though :sadface: )
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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