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    Smile Maenas Painting Log and WIP

    Hello everyone and welcome to the thread of my painting log.

    Here you will find all things I am working on, I would more than probably jump a bit between things, or maybe stick with just one, because I am a bit of a passionate (obsessive maybe xD ). I started painting at 14 when my grandmother bring me a box of Mithril minis from the Lord of the Rings book.... and it was going to change my life xD

    From that point I have been painting on and off for more than 20 years, but it is since last October when I joined C'mon that my desire to improve my skills has made me start this thread. In less than a year I rediscovered my favourite hobby, and now I just got lots of ladies and mates here to follow and share this hobby with, thank you all for listening me and please feel free to comment and critique, I will try to add every comment to my backpack for future or immediate use.

    I am also aiming to improve my English writing skills with this thread too so if you feel like I talking weird please correct me, I am just another silly Spanish painter!
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    After that little presentation text I am aiming to post some more interesting things like this:
    I am participating now in the Anime painting contest held here at the forums: It is just getting started for this october check this thread to see other mates and what they are doing

    For it I selected a model from GK models, which I found very nice, it's Momohime from Muramasa game (I dont play that game I just liked the samurai look):

    It is a kind of princess imbued with energy from a demon sword or something like that, and I want to paint her much more "obscure" so I started to prep the mini.

    This was my starting point:
    Name:  momohime_000.jpg
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Size:  402.5 KB
    PANIC ATTACK!! It's the biggest thing I have tried (21cm!! from feet to head) and it has lots of pieces, I started to file and cut all of them asap and keep at it for three afternoons ^^' I just put on a mask because when I sand the pieces they smelled a bit weird so every little precaution counts.
    Next I bath everything into a degreaser+water for a night and the next day brushed everything with soapy water.

    Some days passed until today so I just got up to start putting everything together:
    Name:  momohime_001.jpg
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Size:  336.4 KB
    Now I am going to fill the gaps and see if I can glue some more pieces, and finally start painting!!

    Arcadia Quest minis are my plan B for the contest xD, just in case this momohime outscales my short powers...
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    Oh, and as I promised to ArchArad, here you are:
    Name:  agenda_final.jpg
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    This was my present for my wife on our anniversary, colours of the front are inspired by the logo of her irish dancing school, those on the back are from the irish flag. ^^
    And no, she is not irish, is just that we both love celtic culture and Ireland.
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    Mirando hacia adelante a su amigo el progreso
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Yay! Hello Maenas.

    Thanks for remembering the notebook pics - it's a lot of fun and I know your wife loved it!

    Momohime looks like a very cool figure. I'm looking forward to seeing your (and everyone else's) entries for the anime contest. She looks like she'll be fun to paint up. We don't seem to have any anime figures available here in South Africa - which is a pity because they look entertaining.

    I hope you'll enjoy this WIP and find it helpful!
    Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do. ~ Edgar Degas

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    Thank you for watching Ten, Sheelagh and Joce! ^^
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    Neat mini(?) to start a wip thread with. Welcome to the insanity.

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    Your going to knock Momo out of the park! Very happy to see you start a WIP thread too

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    Maneas, your English is pretty good, and as for being "Just another Spanish painter",....well there must be something about Spain that breeds Quality Painters.
    I'm looking forward to watching this thread grow.
    I believe in Karma, what you give, is what you get returned. Affirmation; Savage Garden
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    , and proud of it.

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    G'day Maenas ,stoked you now have your own WIP , if there is any advice I can give you ,don't let Zab or Digga on your thread .They are nutters and will take over your thread and put it in the gutter....
    welcome aboard the Spanish Inquisition .

    love you Diggs and Zab please don't shank me...
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    Welcome Maenas. I'm quite sure your are going to enjoy and learn a lot over here.

    Anything you need, except money, I'll be glad to help you.

    Many thanks,

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    @Krule: She is 21cm high I am not sure either if the word mini is appropriate xD
    @DR, and Terra: Thank you for your kind words... and we are the Spanish inquisition, the Spanish inquisition XD lol lol but I prefer "the knights that say Ni" xD
    @aniku: I had learnt a lot here and I am sure that I am still going to learn much more because here are lots of golden people willing to help others.

    Enough chatting, I am now posting some images of the latest advancements on momohime:
    Name:  momohime_001a.jpg
Views: 1075
Size:  85.2 KB This is how I subjected the sword "sleeve" (<-- tell me the proper name please xD) because I did not know how to subject it while priming or painting I "invented" this method

    Then I pinned her foot to the stone, as I always have problems getting the pins alligned I learned this method from an article of "Elroi" from the old "Spanish team". It consists on making the first hole on one of the parts to pin and then on the other part sticking a little bit of blue tack, then adding a drop of water to prevent the pieces to stick to each other, and then joining them. Next step is separating them and you will see this:
    Name:  momohime_001b.jpg
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Size:  200.1 KB
    This way you will have a nice guide on where to make the pairing hole. ^^
    This said, I am to admit that I haven't pinned a lot of miniatures because most of the ones I painted on past years were single pieced or did not need a pin at all. So I hope this will help you as musch as it is helping me!

    When I primed the model some unexpected moldlines "appeared" in front of my eyes so I polished them once again. I subsequently glued the arms to the body of the miniature, but the "seamline" was too evident for my taste so I proceed to "milliput" them. Again my firstimer and I am happy with the result (pics a bit burned because of the white material of the mini, sry):
    Name:  momohime_002.jpg
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Size:  280.4 KB

    And to end this huge post (a week's work) I present you with the current state of the project:
    Name:  momohime_003.jpg
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Size:  417.7 KB

    My plans are to mount everything on a flat pvc disc and add some bamboo shots as a background. I will try to make bamboo with evergreen plastic tubes. I also want to add freehand cherry flowers (white, pink and red) to the spring kimono. and again things that I have never done before xD
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    Hey Maenas , how's it hangin..?
    Is that a mould line on her left foot from toes to ankle up the face of her foot.?
    Nice work on the airbrush bud and I think the word you're chasing is scabbard ..?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terrafirma View Post
    Hey Maenas , how's it hangin..?
    Is that a mould line on her left foot from toes to ankle up the face of her foot.?
    Nice work on the airbrush bud and I think the word you're chasing is scabbard ..?
    Terra, that would be the sock seam hun.

    Nice to see a new wip as well Maenas Zab and Digga just liven up threads around here :P

    * plus the sword 'sleeve' is called a scabbard
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    That pinning tip is golden! I saw it somewhere and used it when I had to pin a couple of Hordes minis.

    She's looking good Maenas and I'm keen to see how the cherry blossom design will work out. Are you going to brush paint her from this point?
    Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do. ~ Edgar Degas

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    Scabbard or sheath are the common terminology used in the US.

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    @Tero: I did not hate prepping, but that is because my prepping was a bit on the light side if you mean what I mean.... xD I am starting to love it less than before, but still I cannot tell I hate it. xD xD

    @Terra: Yup as Crystella has perfectly pointed out is something like a sock seam it is also on the backside of the feet. And yes the magic word is "Scabbard" thank you all!

    @Crystella: Thank you so much and welcome! I have room enough for one or two of your beloved horses so feel free to come with them

    @Archarach: Glad you liked that pinning tip, I though it could be useful to someone so I shared it. And yes, on everything else I will use brush (except the scabbard and sword that I need to AB first, I think I will make it laquered black and gold) I am pretty scared of the blossoms but I need to try my hand at it.

    @Krulebear: Thank you

    Further news are, that the upper body part flew away yesterday afternoon when I was cleaning up the AB stuff, subsequently lost her head hitting the floor, and also broke a finger (thumb). Luckily the head was separated at the lower neck part and nothing in it broke so I mended it with some glue and it is not noticeable, but the thumb is still waiting for surgery.
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    Oh no! Doctor Maenas will rescue her I'm sure.
    Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do. ~ Edgar Degas

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