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    Hi everyone,

    I've pretty much run out of room on my board game shelf, and I want to pick up a new one that would work better.
    At 30x30x10cm(almost 12x12x4in) for core boxes(not to mention expansion boxes and extras), CMON games are among the bigger games in my collection, and being in the Legion, I have most of them already and more on the way...

    So, what shelving works well for games in these larger sizes?

    Links would be much appreciated. Price isn't an issue because it will probably be a little bit before I buy it anyways and can save up if necessary.
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    Have you considered building your own?

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    I have considered it, but I am still living in an apartment, so I don't have the space to build, nor the tools to do so.

    I just wanted to see what options people had in mind so I can price those out and include the convenience of just picking it up and putting it together versus having to go to my parents or some other place with tools and space to work and then having to haul it to my apartment, etc.

    I kind of have my eye on the Kallax shelf from IKEA, can anyone speak to the quality on it? It should work with the CMON games and depending which one I get could leave me some room to expand. If I can build something similar for cheaper though, it may be an option.

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    We use Bestas from IKEA - more efficient than Kallax, and can hold large-format games:

    Currently we have two, side by side, with three shelf inserts each - total number of games currently stored:upwards of 25, between large-box (Space Hulk, Eclipse, Zombicide) mid-box (SDE, Red Dragon Inn, Elder Sign), and small-box (Boss Monster, various card games).

    They're affordable, and when you fill them you can just add more and they look uniform.

    -edit: Kallax are high-quality and great, but the tiny subdivided shelf space really limits your ability to store large-format stuff. That's why the Besta rocks - it can hold BIG games alongside little ones.
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