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    Hey all, I’m new here though I’ve trolled around on the site a fair bit before signing up a few weeks ago. I figured this would be a good way to get more involved with everyone here and to hopefully learn from all the masters on this site. Maybe I can help a few people out as well. I’ve been in and out of the hobby a few times over the years, and got back into it a little over 2 years ago (after 9 year absence) while going through a rough battle with Lyme disease, it helped me push through and I’ve been hooked ever since. I think my painting skills have grown exponentially over that time, as all I really knew how to do when I started was drybrush. Hoping to push my skills even further with the help of the community. Anyway...

    The latest project I’m working on is going to be a small but simple diorama, my first project of the type. A brayherd ambush on an ork. I’m trying to get it done to put into the Capital palette comp at NOVA. This will be my first major competition since trying my hand in the Golden Demon Youngblood’s category 2001 (I somehow made finalist). So any C & C is greatly appreciated. I’m racing against the clock on this one, so anything that will help me avoid snags is invaluable. The ork is the closest but I’m debating how much weathering to add and freehand, which designs and colors, was thinking an ivory/tan. The bestigor has a ways to go but I’m happy with most of his skin. Much more weathering will be done on him and some of those pointy Chaos arrow looking graphics on the pauldrons and the tan tunic.

    Let me know now what y’all think so far, and suggestions are appreciated!!
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    Welcome and really nice work on the Ork and Bray so far! Hope you get these done in time for NOVA as I would love to see them in real life! You going to bring the Eldar Seer and Riptide as well? Those look amazing!

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    Thanks Eki! I’m goong to do my best to finish these up, the original plan was to also have a gor and two ungors, but ungors are dropping off as the clocks tick. Hopefully I’ll get to the gor to actually give the ambush vibe and not a duel. As for the other models, I am 100% bringing the seer but maybe not the riptide. I was pleasantly surprised at the positive feedback I got from it here as it was done as a gaming piece, not quite what I call display quality. I would consider putting him in after hearing such great things about him here if it were not for the wear and tear he’s suffered over the past 18+ months of being put in and out of cases and pushed around the gaming table. There are a few spots missing paint. I could touch him up but my focus is primarily on this current project. I put it up for voting since it won gold in the local Everchosen open division and was pleasantly surprised at the rating. I am considering bringing one of my bloat drones for the lower division though (I painted them after being back in the hobby for les than 9 months so it should be eligible), I’ll post pics when I have the chance so you can let me know what you think! Maybe I’ll just have to touch up the riptide and bring him just for you lol

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    well good luck finishing up what you can, I can sympathize with the pressure as I am trying to get two more bases completed myself. Ah, didn't realize it was "just" a gaming piece for you it looks much better than that in the photo gallery. I wouldn't lug it here if you don't plan on entering though, it will be nice enough seeing your other pieces up close.

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    All I can contribute here is a Wow, these look amazing!
    The shading on the ork's armor is fabulous.

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    Gorb: thank you!! Yea I’m pretty happy with it, which is why I’ve been putting of the weathering and freehand. Still debating on it...

    Eki: thank you I’m going to do my best! And maybe I was unclear i don’t consider it “just” a gaming piece, I’m still very happy with it especially when I painted it, and it is an army centerpiece when on the table. I just don’t quite consider it display quality anymore in that 1. I think my best now is better than it was and 2. The wear and tear on him. Saavy photo skills help hide the paint chips. But I was serious about possibly bringing him, I think the riptide and some of my other early pieces would fit in the apprentice division well, the ones I’m speaking of were all painted within a year of re-enter the hobby after a 9 year absence so I would assume that qualifies. Additional entries are only $5 I think and that’s worth it to me to share my work with anyone else who’s enthusiastic about it. You inspired me to upload a couple of my other earlier pieces, a bloat drone and Coldstar commander done like the riptide. I wouldn’t have to touch them up for the comp so maybe you think i should bring one of them? I’ll post a preview here in case it takes a minute to come up for voting.

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    And for an actual progress update...

    got some weathering done on the metals. Still playing with it but I worry the realism contrast a little too much with the style of the rest of the minis?
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    No, you can't enter the more pieces in the apprentice level I don't need the extra competition Technically I think you could enter them all as apprentice, but the judges can move them up to journeyman or master at their discretion.
    Depending on how much room you have or if you just want to limit how much you carry to NOVA I would say bring them. I know I will have about 5 or 6 entries (depending on if I finish these last two up on time). Great job on the blight drone, especially like those eyes on it! Tough call on the rust (although I like the look of it a little better on the back of the ax than the front part)

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    Eki carrying things probably won’t be an issue, I’m used to lugging a bunch of cases around when I play local. I’m only playing in kill team events so that’s a small amount of minis. Novas also only an hour drive from home for me. And don’t worry about the competition lol that’s one of the things that made me want to enter in that it’s an open forum competition so you’re competing against yourself more than others which I think is really cool. As for my pieces I wouldn’t feel right entering the seer in apprentice I think journeyman would be the right level for that one and my current project as long as I finish it. I want to put the minis in the bracket where I believe they belong, and to test myself against others to gauge my own painting skill progress, I know I’m not masterclass yet but hopefully one day I will be with enough practice.

    i did a little more on the bestigor and I agree I like the back better than the front, but once I added the chipping it kinda came together. I’ll try to make more progress tonight after dinner. Pics are hard to get right with the metallic shine
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    Then bring it all, just pack it carefully!

    I know what you mean, I have really only gotten back into painting the last year and a half or so after a very long break (about 20 years+) so don't know if I should enter in Apprentice or Journeyman level. I am leaning more towards Apprentice since I haven't painted that many figures completely (only about 10 or so) but part of me is curious to see how they would do at a higher level.

    Rust is looking better on the ax

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