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    I agree with Andy you’ve improved loads. Even bagged some medals too!!!

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    I like the looks of the cloak! That VMC Smoke added a nice tone to it. Some really nice work going on there.

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    That dwarf is looking phenomenal! That latest glaze really brought it all together. I'm a little behind on your site but I look forward to getting caught up in the near future. I love the breadth of articles you're covering there lately. The battle reports are a great read!

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    Worked a treat....that VMC smoke is such a versatile paint because of its transluceny.

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    Such a wonderful thing g to see you jumping up levels rhet!!!

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    Been busy on a few fronts lately, but I’ve been plugging away at my kill team. Here’s one I just finished.
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    This guy’s got one hell of a hairline! More pics on ToadChapel.

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    nice work. I love the idea of making the back pack exhaust red.
    i dont think ive seen anyone do that before on dark angels.

    I am also glad yer doing someone from dark angels. they are my favorite loyalist chapter.

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    I like the Dark Angel (esp. the lovely base), but that dwarf is brilliant.

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    Great work on that dwarf, it looks excellent! I love the color variations on his face.
    The Dark Angel also looks cool

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    This is my new favorite from your entire kill em team!!! I live this bud!!! Outstanding job.

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