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    This is fantastic stuff, It makes me wanna try my streangh at this little diorama things!

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    I figured I’d better paint something, and this fellow was primed & ready to go, so I splashed a little paint on there. I can’t decide whether I like this bust or not, to tell the truth.

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    you may not "like" the bust, but I think the base skin tone and that head piece already look really nice! Only thing I really notice is that towards the lower parts (especially the back/shoulder areas) it looks like the detail is a bit weird but that might be because it is just primed black right now and I am not seeing what it actually is supposed to be.
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    He kinda looks like he’s got a little cone head thing going on... but the paint part looks on point so far. Excited to see where you take this, especially liking the metal collar thing. I think this bust will provide a lot of unique opportunities for you for texturing and experimenting

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    is that a Zabaart bust Toad? looks very similar to his style.... Looking forward to seeing you throw some real character into that face!

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    Stick with it it imho is an amazing sculpt!!

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    From my experience if the mini doesn’t grab you from the start it’s always going to be a struggle to finish or even give 100%
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    you have made a good start. worth persevering to see if subsequent layers make it more enjoyable.
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