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    Default Space Marine Legion Centurions

    Space Marine Legion Centurions
    Forge World miniatures, Masters6-level, TMP, freehands. Web-launch exclusive.
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    Painted by: Yaroslav Bozhdynsky
    For Sale on eBay.

    Ultramarines Legion Centurion

    Sons of Horus Legion Centurion

    Emperor's Children Legion Centurion

    Imperial Fists Legion Centurion

    World Eaters Legion Centurion

    Comments and votes are welcome

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    I love your painting, but that sculpt is just brutal. one of FW's worst. The face looks like a potato o_O Nice work making it look good 5 times!!!
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    agree with you zab

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    More great paint!
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    paint job makes up for the sculpt. I like the Emperors children, the purple is nice.

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    great paint terrible face.

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    I love that purple on the Emperor's Children one. All of them look fantastic. You salvaged that god awful face sculpting and made it look respectable. Shame that such a nice sculpt is marred by what looks like a wart growing from power-armor.

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