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    This is one of the many Raging Heroes figures that I used to create the Painting Pyramid series of videos. These were part of the original line of figures, including the Blood Vestals, Mantis Warriors, and even the Treekin!

    Here are a few scenes from the video (it was about 100 minutes long).

    For each of the color theory videos, I did these sets of swatches:

    The idea was to show as wide a range as possible in those greens... warmer, cooler, more and less saturated, etc.

    I tried to keep the palette in each view, as well as the figures, paint colors, and so on:

    I take each figure from start to finish, even discussing the colors, palette, primer, and more!

    Here's a 30 minute preview video:

    Just recently, Kings Hobbies and Games picked up the USB versions of the videos! They are very high resolution, unlike DVD's and downloads:

    You can message me on facebook if you want to know more about these! There are 53 in all, which cover terrain, basing, specialty techniques, and more!
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    This is awesome, James. I've made note to check it out properly some time later.

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    Thanks! :-)

    Here's some pictures of one of the finished figures:

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