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Thread: Fortunes of the Brush

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    Thanks boubi! This size is near my current limit, but maybe by the end of the decade I'll be putting freehand on 15mm cloaks.

    One last big session today on the lady. First I added some shading to the freehand. In order to differentiate it from the rest of the cloak I used some blues. The only real downside is that it's near impossible to keep tracing the same lines without the brush slipping eventually, so I created a few touchups in the process. The result isn't quite what I had in mind, but at least its not flat anymore.

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    Next, its finally time for some glazes. Or as I like to call it, the last chance to really screw things up. I used Reaper's clear yellow on the gold to warm it up a bit and make it look less brassy, used some red ink on her cheeks and lips, and then finally some violet ink above her eyes and in the skin shadows. I ended up glazing a couple too many layers of red ink on her cheek, but that's what practice is for. I took a before and after shot, but there's so much more red now it caused my camera to color shift a bit (at least that's my story).

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    Now, where did I put that base that started all of this?

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    I think the main lesson here is... I don't do a good job keeping up with my WIP. The project I was posting on here is long done. I ended up being a bit lazy and then running up against my deadline and making a few compromises. It was still a good learning experience. A few pics showing how it turned out:

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    My new project is learning how to paint w/ pointillism, aka make some textures with a lot of little dots. The cowboy hat and duster are going to be done this way. I've barely started below the waist, but I've already determined that I am very slow at this, and all those little dots...

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    New goal - try to update at least once per week. We'll see how I do.

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    Diorama turned out nice and good start on the cloak and hat...just don't let the pointillism drive you insane.

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    I like what I see ^^
    Take care of the brushes this technique will destroy their point for sure!
    Ps: I find it hard to post once a week... since sometimes in 7 days I do not advance anything and sometimes in three days I advance twice as much....
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    At this point I am using cheap synthetics so let them be destroyed! To the point of posting though, my painting time had decreased quite a bit over the last year. I'd like to get some back, which in principle isn't too hard - I just need to figure out what other free time activity to give up.

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    And a weekly update - 1000 more dots added.

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    I've started on the front of the duster as well. At least 750 dots here.

    Name:  Ellen Stone 14.jpg
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