Hi everybody, My crew has been working overtime and my proof-of-concept miniature is finally available for sale; by that, I mean my long-suffering wife, my overly-enthusiastic 3 year old son, and myself.

She costs $25 AUD, not including shipping. This is a limited run of 100 miniatures only.
Unfortunately, the master was damaged in the casting, so I cannot produce any more.

S&H costs are $10 Australia-wide, and $17 for rest-of-world.
I apologize for the rest-of-world shipping costs, but AusPost commands the prices, and my business account with them has not yet been approved.

Payment via Paypal ONLY.

If you wish to purchase her, please drop me a PM.

Stuff goes out on Sat mornings ONLY, so please be patient.
I work in emergency services, with some really odd hours, but I will do my best to respond quickly.

Our studio paintjob will come online at the end of Nov.

Thank you for looking.