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    And lemme know when the rest are coming out.

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    Super sculpt!
    Надо себе на вооружение кое какие элементы взять ;-)

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    Ill be starting work on the amazing Orc Mongol.it will be coming with me to crystal brush 2017. Wait until you see what I do with this beautifully realistic sculpt.thanks Dennis .

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    сергей . всегда пожалуйста

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    John. I'm glad you liked it. I think that the shaman the crocodile will make you happy
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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Ill be starting work on the amazing Orc Mongol.it will be coming with me to crystal brush 2017. Wait until you see what I do with this beautifully realistic sculpt.thanks Dennis .
    wow! Can't wait to see your work on it, it suits you style perfectly ^^
    I must admit that I could not resist taking this awesome orc and his shaman fellow home!! So I am looking forward the casting of the shaman!! ^^

    google translate text below----
    Вау! Не могу дождаться, чтобы увидеть свою работу на нем, он вам подходит стиль идеально ^^
    Я должен признать, что я не мог сопротивляться принимать этот удивительный орка и его шамана молодец домой !! Так что я с нетерпением жду отливку шамана !! ^^
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    Guys let me formally introduce myself. My name is John Margiotta. I am a hobbyist and competitive miniature painter. I've done some alternate box arts ,been published over 30 times in white dwarf and warhammer visions as a consistent contributor.and my works appeared quite a bit in the CMON annual.ive amassed many international painting awards ,the majority of them in the last two years.Some of my awards are from the biggest names in competitive miniature painting community from WINNING MULTIPLE AWARDS FROM GOLDEN DEMON AND CRYSTAL BRUSH ALONG WITH MFCA .My taste in Models ranges from 28mm thru 54mm sized models.I DO NOT limit myself if a model is nicely sculpted I'll paint it up,this can include sci fi,fantasy , and historical.when picking a model for competition the idea is simple the model MUST be perfect.perfect in its anatomy and in how easy it can be cleaned and how the pieces fit together.I ONLY PICK THE BEST.
    when I saw Dennis's Orc Mongol ,and his shaman I immediately jumped at the chance to order.Dennis's skill as a sculptor is quite frankly THE BEST out there. His knowledge of anatomy is more thorough than the best surgeons. When his Orc arrived in the mail,the resin is top notch ,lending itself to a VERY easy cleanup. The pieces married up together better than any model I've ever had in front of me.Dennis is a master artisan.he has done what no one else can.He has brought all us Orc and model lovers THE MOST PERFECT MODELS AND WHAT ILL DECLARE THE GREATEST ORC MINIATURES IN THE HSTORY OF MINIATURE PAINTING.This WILL definitely be a model I'll paint up for competition as it meets everyone of my criteria,it's anatomy and detail,easily cleaned up and the parts marry up perfectly.
    DENNIS I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING THE BEST (Orc) MODELS since the great PAUL BONNER had first illustrated these amazing fantasy creatures.
    BloodASmedium (BAM)
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    wow John. thank you for the nice review. cool to hear such words from an artist of your level.

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    I'll let you guys know how you can get the Shaman (and the orc with axe!) soon!

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    Name:  0qnn3vvfvck.jpg
Views: 471
Size:  83.6 KBName:  Ggpa4HfStNA.jpg
Views: 468
Size:  75.0 KBName:  kzohGho3O90.jpg
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Size:  101.4 KBName:  ym__7LS1P-k.jpg
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Size:  69.1 KBName:  POUEDSOm38U.jpg
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Size:  87.1 KBat the request of customers.made stand. with autograph )))))))

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    Name:  nHbFPLWSNRA.jpg
Views: 476
Size:  77.0 KBName:  nPgWd3so-DU.jpg
Views: 467
Size:  75.5 KBName:  S-DNYOA5gv8.jpg
Views: 472
Size:  74.8 KBName:  LODp1ZLE6-k.jpg
Views: 472
Size:  75.9 KBName:  Q9X8okIQNdA.jpg
Views: 469
Size:  81.4 KBName:  mmLu04Af9bc.jpg
Views: 473
Size:  82.1 KBName:  mJte7saXJnM.jpg
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Size:  95.1 KBName:  1M-yf7Dfs1Q.jpg
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Size:  81.4 KBName:  -y2aHCLDNDI.jpg
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Size:  98.2 KBmake a new project. the group of characters. the General composition. I hope you have enough energy. )))))))

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    Update of my Orc W/axe WIP
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    UPDATE 2: skin done! Pink nose,ears, lips, knuckles ,elbows done!!! Acne done nails wip-pink knees wip :
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    I have been watching BAM paint up this awesome sculpt and just now saw your thread....WOW! Absolutely stunning work. You are a true artist Mr. Soul!

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    UPDATE NO.3 Orc w/axe by Dennis soul (sculptor extraordinaire ) painted / WIP by yours truly!!!
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    Okay so finished project ork with axe well almost finished just need to add in a few extra pieces and base. BTW Dennis save me an Orc shaman for next month please hold one for me and reserve my copy.
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