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    Hey everyone. A bit of an unusual request here. I'm trying to find either a flat chested female mini or a feminine male mini for an upcoming game I'll be in starting in January. Preferably Sci-fi in a skin tight suit and heels. Overly sexual is a plus. Weaponry doesn't matter to much, though one handed pistols or short sabers are preferred. For those curious, I will be joining 40k, Black Crusade, game in january and plan on my character being a follower of slaanesh. Being a female seductress is a bit too cliched however, so was hoping to add slight twist to it by being a trap / femboy. If I was going with a female seductress, I search wold of been so easy. Countless bimbo mini's in heels to find. But they all have huge, noticeably breast. Hopefully someone came across something fitting what I'm searching for by chance?

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    Sounds like it's time for a conversion! Succubus bottom half, eldar torso, and a high elf head

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    I will probably just commission one to be done.

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    I definitely feel like you should check the Infinity lines, in particular ALEPH and Tohaa. A head swap or sculpted hair makes any number of them into androgynous models.

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