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    Hello all! My name is Vince Mizzoni, I am a 24 year old artist with a passion for being creative. I especially love drawing and building miniature terrain. I recently graduated with my Bachelor's degree in graphic design, and have done graphic work for many businesses. I really enjoy concept art as well, and have done concept art (and graphic work) for Hearth Stone Miniatures. The miniature world is ultimately where I would love to make a career, as I am so passionate about miniatures. I just thought I would share with you all my work

    Since I have so many pictures, Here is alink to my online portfolio:

    (and yes, that self portrait that I drew on the fornt page... I used to have that facial hair style, but no longer. It made me look old!)

    to see more of my m iniature terrain progress, here is a link to my WIP thread of my custom foam built city:

    I hope you all enjoy

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    Hi Vince, I like your art style. Please drop me a PM and let's discuss things.
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    PM sent! Looking forwardto hearing from you!

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    Bravo, great art
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Excellent terrain work! I can't believe you can make all of that out of foam. By the way, I LOVE your saving grace drawing.. how would one acquire such a piece?

    MOLON LABE brother!
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    My WIP thread:

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    Heck yes!!! I always love finding Second Amendment supporters and Christians like myself! MOLON LABE TheLost!!! I can send you a PM

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    Hand carved?????? Amaziiing! I cannot imagine how many time did it cost you to build all of it. All those buildings look terrific, since everything is handcrafted you do not see patterns or repeated sections... Congratulations mate.
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    Thanks so much! It has been quite the project with over a year and a half put into it so far and plenty to go but I have been enjoying the entire process!

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