Bonesylvanian Graveyard & Reaper Bones minis -- looking for honest critiques.
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Thread: Bonesylvanian Graveyard & Reaper Bones minis -- looking for honest critiques.

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    Default Bonesylvanian Graveyard & Reaper Bones minis -- looking for honest critiques.

    Yesterday, I submitted my first images to the gallery, and I'm really happy with how things are going.

    Gus the Ghost:
    Sandy the Mummy:
    Tish the Vampire:

    As someone who is interested in improving, I would like honest critiques of my work, and tips on where I can improve.

    To give you a better idea of how things look, I have an Imgur album with more, and bigger, shots (CMON is kind of limited) here:

    Thank you.

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    GGet used to going on the forums they will help you greatly. Get used to color theory there's a book called "color theory " by Betty Edwards and it will show how more natural and relevant colors can really be the difference in a paintjob.example is complimentery an ork skin.instead of using a darker green for the shade but rather Ide use a deep red to shad the green as red and green are complimentary to one another.this gives the model a more pleasing viewing.hang in there.we haven't even started with you yet...were gonna get you leveled up for sure..welcome.
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    Thanks. I've lurked around here for almost as long as you've been here, but rarely post. I've only been taking this stuff seriously for about a year, though.

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    Nice work especially with the Bones material. As BAM said use the forums. A WIP thread will gain you help quickly. My critique for this piece would be to tighten the whole seen up more...maybe cut the footprint of the base in half. This would add more immediacy to the action.

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    BT don't get anybody on here wrong mat...the paintwork is very highly standardized....a sign of Tru's very well painted...could we offer help to get you to push yourself to try so newer advanced techniques.well yeah we all could use improvement keep constantly having your forum work posted and that keep all the steady big Whig painters always looking to help.and help we shall.....and shall you not shant....if that makes any sense were also big jokesters.

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    I've looked that all your submissions, the grouping is rate well done especially with all the sculpting and carving involved.
    In regards to the figures the smoothness of the blends shows, to me, that you have good understanding of both dilution of and application of paint as well as accuracy.
    While these figures are 'cute'(*) I'd really like to see you tackle something with a bit more detail by which we, as a group, might be able to get a better feel for how good you're gonna be.

    (* My profound apologies for using the "C" word in polite company.)
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    Thank you all. I'll work on something less cute and more technical.

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    They are cute, though!

    How big are those minis?

    The ghost is my favorite, you did a nice job there.

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    Probably 28mm total height. They're Reaper, which is usually 25mm, but they're also chibi so it's tough to tell.

    Thank you.

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    PLease post more and we will try to help you out.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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