Where can I buy a tiny palette knife?
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Thread: Where can I buy a tiny palette knife?

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    Default Where can I buy a tiny palette knife?

    A regular size palette knife is really too large for mixing such small quantities of paint on my wet palette and using a brush to mix means quantities of paint end up adhering to the bristles and being wasted when it is later washed out between colors.

    Does anyone know where I can buy a miniature-size palette knife or something equally suitable for mixing on my Mastersons palette please?

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    Cut one down or make one out of a timber sculpting tool.
    or check out your local tiny palette knife shop
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    I think liquitex makes a super small one. Check a specialty art store. If you can't find one I also suggest cutting one down.

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    Tamiya makes some stainless steel stirring sticks that are flat on one side and have a spoon like shape on the other, can find them on Amazon if you search for Paint Stirrer, about $5 for a 2 pack. Not sure if it is what you are looking for but they have worked well for me. You also might check out the large general packs of sculpting/dental tools, they aren't that expensive and have a lot of shapes, one of which might work for you.

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