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    So here I am, playing a game before I doze off. All the expansions and a random division that turned out to be the barraks. Not my favorite, but fine. Single lane. I'm going along doing my thing, killing bigs with fire and such. We click over into round 4, good old round 4. The first enemy to crash the party was the Flesh Ripper Hornet, it was ugly...and mean.
    The next enemy was a Panic Spider that died to a combination of Vendicator Armor and my Pulsar Bomb, thinking the boss is dead lets rock this s...tuff.
    Then to my suprise the third enemy is non other than the Tunnel Worm.

    I thought in a 1 player/lane game there was only 1 boss per round?

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    Hey George,

    Actually when you play with the Hive Expansion all bosses are added to the encounter decks, due to the increased number of regular enemies this kind of evens out the rate in which they appear, although in odd scenarios this is potentially devastating.

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    Ok, that is cool. My win rate is still pretty high. Just cought me off gaurd.
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